Ambler Mountainworks


Ambler Mountainworks is a family-owned and operated hat company located in Nelson, British Columbia.

Their unique relationship with their teams of makers in Nepal and Peru and at the home factory in BC was the genesis of a unique brand story that was brought to life through a fresh visual identity and brand materials. 

“We've spent the last three years trying to connect with an agency that was the right fit for our business. After many introductions and initial meetings that didn't lead to results, we were losing hope. That all quickly changed after our very first conversation with Seth. He asked great questions, absorbed our story and then was able to bring clarity to the ideas that had been floating around in our heads for years. Seth was our guide during the process of a full re-branding of our business, from our core beliefs to the visual identity. We are extremely happy with what Seth has delivered for us and we will continue to work with him for many projects to come. It is a pleasure to work with Seth because he is empathetic, humble and has a unique perspective.”


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